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The Bailey



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Thousand square feet


A beautiful, tech-centric wellness center. A jaw-dropping medical rehab facility. Exquisite hospitality suites. The Bailey will exhibit elite aesthetics, capture human physiology, incorporate current environmental principles and tie it all within the context of luxury. The Bailey will redefine the look, feel, and meaning of "country clubs" everywhere.

high tech acres


Every building serves a dual purpose with inspiration from all around the world. Never before seen technology harmoniously unifies seeming opposites: modern structure vs elegant design, strenuous exercise vs luxury setting, progressive science vs organic healing.

Reinvent & Astonish




Experience a new way of ordering your favorite coffee or going out for lunch. At The Bailey you will find a high end coffee shop, two fast-casual restaurants, a juice bar, the Bailey's very own wine and cognac lounge, and a fine dining establishment. Each indiviual location will be wrapped in never before seen tech.


Super Trees

Running through the Alpha Loop you will enter The Bailey, where unified electronically engineered trees exist that house a speaker system, illuminate from dusk to dawn, and accumulate rain water for lawn nourishment – this is The Bailey Super Tree. You will also find an event lawn and outdoor training area with holographic backdrops.



The beautiful structures built at The Bailey are functional and first of its kind incorporating unseen technology. The Wellness and Medical center, the city club, the luxury boutique, and the three rooftop areas are unique to The Bailey. You don't want to miss this.

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